Volga Linen offers an exquisite collection of pure linens for the bed, table and bathroom, as well as fabric by the metre. Naturally sustainable, thoughtfully designed and made to last, Volga’s fabrics are produced in Europe, with an exclusive drawn thread range produced in Russia.

Linen-making is one of Russia’s ancient crafts, part of the country’s rich creative heritage that yielded Diaghilev’s Ballet Russes, Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina and Fabergé’s jewelled eggs. Founded in 1995 by Theresa Tollemache in this spirit of invention and preservation, Volga Linen’s ambition was to distill the distinctly Russian principles of beauty, luxury, craftsmanship and delight into the finest linen on the market.

In 2020 Volga’s next chapter began as Theresa Tollemache handed the reins to new owners Claire Fouché and Clair Drier. In their regenerating vision for the company, the pair call on wide reserves of experience in interior design, Russian culture, product creation, art direction and ethical manufacturing.

Today Volga is synonymous with creativity and craft. Ranging from 18th century woodcut prints to collaborations with contemporary makers, its collections are the stories of Russia’s folkloric history and traditional artisan skills told through fabric, beautiful, long lasting products for this generation of linen lovers and the next.

Volga Linen - Our Story