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Our Story

Volga Linen is a luxury British brand synonymous with creativity and craft. We produce heirloom-quality, pure linens for the bedroom, table and bathroom and fabric by the metre.

For almost three decades, our naturally sustainable fabrics have been produced by artisans in central and eastern Europe.

Volga Linen
Volga Linen

Over the years, Volga Linen has nurtured two distinct styles. Our dynamic prints – which take their inspiration from a 300-year-old archive of engraved wood blocks – are imbued with folkloric traditions, whilst our hemstitch and diamond stitch bed linens and drawn thread fabric embody the timeless appeal of pure linen.

Volga Linen

Our fabric collection – which includes richly hued plain weaves, storied prints and refreshing stripes – is a repository of inspiration for private clients and renowned interior designers who value craftsmanship and longevity.

Meanwhile, our burgeoning range of customisable products for the home appeals to those who wish to imbue their homes – and their lives – with meaning and emotion.

Linen is the oldest fibre known to have been used by humans. At Volga Linen we celebrate and explore that incredible heritage, whilst creatively and wholeheartedly embracing the endless versatility it allows.

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